Don’t Forget to Laugh …


Hey people, nice having you back in here. Hope everything’s going well and fantastic. As the topic is given by one of my friend to talk about was about human lifestyle. He shot a question to me ” Why do people always look stressed out ? Why people always are busy in something rather than enjoying the world’s beauty and life’s beauty ? Why are they not like even caring about people who are right beside them ? ” and I was not able to answer. His question made me not to sleep for some days until I got the answer. Imagine and see what if your friend as this same exact question to you and you are responsible to answer his question ? What would be your answer or what would be your reaction ? Crazy right , I was thinking about this for days and i ended up finding it which is a very sensible and acceptable for me and to him too. How about you ? Can you accept the fact that I am about to share? Let’s see.

Well according to what he have asked me, I recently watched a speech given by Dr. Kader Ibrahim in a event in 2012 about laughing , thinking and succeeding. I felt the topic was interesting and even I am great fan of his speeches to.That speech was an eye opener to me where I got my answers to my friend’s question.

We people nowadays forget to laugh. Okay ‘why suddenly about laugh?’ you might be thinking, that is the main problem with our people. Yes , laughter is a gift from the GOD to us which reduces endorphin, reduces pressure, reduces stress, increases mind calmness, stables our mind, body and even our soul. For an example i will be talking to some of my friends or other people outside. I will be talking to them while thinking about a simple joke to make the conversation much more interesting but when I tell the joke out, it only ended up making one or two people to laugh. You know that time the feeling when the others don’t even respond or don’t laugh for the joke…. okay just leave it . May be they might not feel it funny or they don’t understand . Then again I will try again for a better joke and the same thing happens over and over again. I was thinking then what’s wrong with them? Is it my joke is a lame one or they are not finding it funny? Then only i realized that whatever things I crack my head to make them laugh is not gonna work because they are people who don’t laugh at all. You may ask weather is this a big issue of not laughing for my joke ? No it’s not about laughing for my joke, it’s about just laughing which can do wonders.

Trust me, laughing does a big part in your life switching bad to good. More on laughing issues nowadays people have got no time to laugh. It’s like NO TIME. Crazy right ?! Well I think in future, knowing about laughing does benefit humans and and it should be done everyday at least once like yoga, people would set timetable to laugh. Just imagine ; Oh god! People will laugh everyday by time set in the morning for 5 minutes and night before sleep for 5 minutes. It’ll totally look very insane won’t it? So, what am I trying to say here is laugh, laugh without any restrictions. Laugh happily and openly. Laughing doesn’t kills you ; it makes you lively and and your live tremendously superb.

To conclude, I think we all should take this quite very importantly. Let’s make it a habit to interact with everyone with a smile and try making others laugh or at least smile. It does make a good change in you and others. Think about it and leave comments below, share to people who you think should change their habit, keep updated with upcoming posts something like this . Thank you.



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