What , Why and How…

Trust me this is a wise question from me to you guys… Are you relaxed and calmed ? The truth is you are not . You people are always thinking and thinking and thinking… No that’s not the way seriously … We people always request and expect for rest in everything if not the first thing which will pop out in your mind will be ” Am I a machine ? Come on i need a break … ” isn’t that true… Come on brain has the same feel…

To let you all know simply, the brain is a combination of two extremes which i describe as the calculus ( left brain ) and the painter ( right brain ). There are a lot of interesting facts of brain which can make you guys mesmerized about it. So , as i was saying the brain is also not a machine and it need a lot of relaxation and calmness. We humans nowadays forgot that we are humans and we are being like a robot .

A simple thing to support that fact is , the world has changed a lot nowadays where we humans are running a race of life. Which is not supposed to happen. We were born for a purpose and to enjoy life but we are frustrating ourselves and we are not knowing the importance of knowledge. Knowledge has also become a mechanism to memorize . Its not the way . I just wanna create awareness to be a true total human and not to be a robot .

Just relax , realize that you are breathing and the warmth of your breath is so magical, realize that your both feet touches the ground, realize that your cell can feel the heat and cold temperature. Meditate and connect yourself with the nature. By just relaxing your mind , body and spirit can really change your entire life . You will enjoy it , you will live the life lively and you will know the purpose of your life…



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