Hello Champs… How are you all doing..? Hope it’s good… So you might have many ideas when you first saw the title of this article like it’s some kind of a moral story or something else… Nearly but let’s talk about some issues… I would tell most of the problems which cause outside in the world is because of one thing which people would think ” Uhhh..? Seriously ??? ” and stuffs like that… yeah that is the EXPECTATION…

Okay, expectation means an action or a thing you were looking forward from the other person. An expectation is what you want from others by not letting them know. An expectation is what a person wants from the other for their own satisfaction .

You might be thinking , Why? What’s wrong with expectations and stuffs… but let me tell ask you one thing and think about it .. Have you got everything you expected in life ? Did you get whatever you have expected from the particular person. ? Most of the answers are no . Because we don’t get all things all times … Let me tell you one simple process of this expectation which can cause problems…

Firstly, we are humans who seek for love, passion, feelings, materials and many more things. We are getting locked up in this when we seek love and attention. When we expect attention from the person who you need to, he end up not giving the attention. Then you, who expected that attention will tend to get hurt , you would show faces , you might even go under depression if you are a sensitive people.So, as these happens you can clearly see that this is not anyone’s mistake rather than you, yourself.You were the one who expected, you were the one who wanted the result.

Expecting, expectation is not wrong and it’s not unusual. It is very usual and it is very normal. You should know that no one is gonna know that you were hurt just by no fulfilling you expectation. Even they get to know that you were hurt just by that, they can’t do anything cause it’s not their choice; it’s you and your choice.

Now, you might have a clear picture about what is like expectation life like. Didn’t you ? Let me tell you one thing, are you a person who always depend on others? If you are you should change yourself. You should be independent. I am telling to be independent through emotions and inner self.Try not to expect anything. Try not to expect anything from anyone. Try not to expect anything from even yourself.

Let go. Let go of everything. Come one, you are here to live the life. Not to hang on somebody and get unwanted results.Life is all about how your carry out yourself. Emotions and feelings is how you manage yourself.Live a life where you don’t have a stressful and tight schedules and follow ups. Kill expectation in you , and see the most beautiful result throughout your life. You will have no jealousy, angry, grudges, tension, pain , and many more. All you have is happiness and peace of mind….

All you have to do is expect one things that is  :

Expect to not expect anything from anyone and even yourself….



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