A new Dawn for his love…

The time when i was reading a book, i just realised that time that i was supposed write an article to you guys. Then i thought , why always an article. So, then i decided to type out a story.

Now, this story is about a guy who literally got no one and keeps his feelings and emotions to himself. Not only that, he doesn’t voice out anything and he remains smiling all the time. One thing about him is, he cries alot when he really gets hurt alone in his room. That’s the best part, cause when he cries he releases the tension and stress he has got to hold on. Before i briefly explain about him and what he do you should know his name which is Stalin. Stalin loves to have alot of friends and loves himself to be surrounded with good people but somehow he could only dream about it. It was because he doesn’t confidently mix with people and tend to talk to them. So all the time he have been left out. Stalin is a person who always lives in his dreamland where he lives his life of dream. At times he asks himself this question ” Am I capable for what I dream and what I want in my life ? ” and he ended up getting no answer.

One day, while he was walking along the streets, he saw a couple who was walking sitting on a bench near the street he was walking. He saw them holding hands and lying on each others shoulders. That made him wish to have the best life partner for him in life. As he was thinking about that he was crossing over the road to the other side but then he heard a loud horn sound and in a split of second it was black out.

When he opened his eyes, he realized he was on a bed surrounded with two nurse injecting him and asking for some details about him. Stalin met an accident till he was hurt very badly. After passing his details to the nurse, he was given a heavy dose of painkiller and sleeping pills. He woke up the next day and saw a note piece beside him written on it that ” You are well now nothing to worry and you will be healed in three weeks. You will be shift to your home in another week.”. He was like who is this and he asked a nurse about who wrote that note? Well the nurse replied……………………………( to be continued )….



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