Why not now…

That day when i was waiting in the car in front of the traffic signal, i noticed a thing which was above the traffic lights there was this timing board which times for the green light and red light… So i noticed that it took nearly 120 seconds to change to green and when it has already changed to green it took only 20 seconds… This explained to me that we have to wait for some time to actually achieve that 20 seconds and pass that traffic …

Life is also the same . We seldom get opportunities. For that opportunity we should have a very strong patience. For an example to make you understand more is let’s take a singer. A singer who is getting demotivated day by day by others who really doesn’t know what he can do and what is his talent . They start demotivating him that he can do and he is not able to do while people laugh at him . But all his voice in him is telling that ‘ I will have one day . And on that day people are going to see me who I am ‘. And this thing keeps going on and on again. One day this feller will get fed up and we will be giving up.

Just imagine, after around 3 years of his desire he is given a mic at a stage to just what he can do . That time his heart just tells ‘ Do not waste time . Show up who you are and what you can do ‘. When this happens on that time he will just sing the best he could sing. Then the claps and appreciations he get will be the best feeling ever in his life. Then goes his life in a different style.

I just wanna tell that never miss and hesitate in any opportunity you get. Its a one time event which can change your life totally different. So just be prepared and wait for the day . You will reach that one day anytime and and show up who you are and what you can do . Live life lively to lead a happy life, a passionate life.

Nothing comes easy and nothing is impossible. If everything comes in easy there will be no interest in you life. Just keep in your mind when you are in age 63 , you are deciding to write your own biography book . At that time you must have your own solid interesting story . So , for that day , you make your life interesting and design your life…

Heart full of love ,



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